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Judy Tasetano and Tim Heffernan

“For the past three years my husband and I have done a horseback trip with our Canadian Friends. This year, one of the Canadian Friends came up with this trip; ‘Alaska Horsemen Trail Adventures’ in Cooper Landing, approximately 100 miles South from Anchorage. This was a wonderful ride and whatever your skill level, Alex, the wranglers and horses will take good care of you. The accommodations, meals and hospitality are exceptional. We saw some of the most spectacular scenery in the world!

For anyone wanting to see Alaska on horseback and meet some truly genuine people, this is the trip for you. Alex Kime, owner, can accommodate small groups and depending on your skill level there are many breathtaking rides on, over and through the mountains. You will feel well cared for without being hovered over. Alex tried something new this year with our group of six. He made some promises and he certainly delivered on them. We can’t say enough good things about this ride, we are two very happy riders.

This is the Real Deal and Alex’s attention to detail was noticed and very much appreciated. Also something very near and dear to my heart was his true concern and care for his horses. His respect and trust for his staff was obvious. Alex is a man of many talents and we appreciated how safe and comfortable he made us feel.”

- Judy Tasetano and Tim Heffernan, Canada

Allan Beiswenger

“The two pack trips that I have taken with Alaska Horsemen Trail Adventures have been outstanding. While the ability to reach wilderness areas inaccessible by any other means was something special, the manner in which the trips were conducted made them even more memorable. I expected to see many types of wildlife, and pristine wilderness areas, but everything exceeded my expectations. Looking out from atop a horse gives you a much bigger perspective, and while the horses focus on the trail, the riders can look for bear, caribou, moose, wolves, fox, wolverines, and an incredible number of birds. One of the reasons that I went on the second trip was to assure myself that the first trip was real.

Alaska Horsemen was able to provide a sense of adventure to the excursions. All of the horses were well mannered, and well taken care of and were very dependable even in difficult terrain. The atmosphere that was created was part Old West, and part Alaskan Adventure. There was enough gear and equipment to make the trip comfortable, but in an unpampered style. The trip was physically demanding enough to make sitting around the campfire at night a real reward for the day’s ride. I can’t wait for the next trip.”

- Allan Beiswenger, Anchorage, Alaska

Richard W. Woerpel

“My vacation time in Alaska must involve wildlife viewing and lots of time in the saddle. The challenge in early 2008 was to find an outfitter that could “deliver” a wilderness experience that would meet or exceed one that my twin brother, Ron, and I enjoyed in the Denali area in 2000. Using the internet, I discovered Alaska Horsemen just outside Cooper Landing on the Kenai Peninsula of Alaska.

Alex Kime, the owner of this outfit, did not disappoint. In fact, he more than delivered what he had promised my brother and me prior to our sending him our deposits on our planned vacation. Alex has a “first rate” business and an equally “first rate” location. He is an extremely experienced outfitter and guide as well as a well-respected employer with an excellent and very accommodating staff. He has a stable of well cared for horses that are very trailworthy. Alex can offer guided ½ day and full-day rides into the spectacular wild country above Kenai Lake, pack trips into the Kenai mountains of the Chugach National Forest, and guided fishing trips with excellent and very experienced guides on the Kenai River. Alex can also take you into other more remote locations.

Alex is the “real deal.” His concern for the comfort and enjoyment of his guests is obvious with everything he does. His attention to detail is most impressive. He respects the varied talents of his staff and has, i.m.o., an above-average concern for the welfare of his livestock. Furthermore, Alex is most fortunate to share his “little bit of paradise”, rich in wildlife and spectacular vistas, with individuals like us. We were “The Alaska Horsemen” for 8 glorious days!”

- Richard W. Woerpel, MD, Simi Valley, California

Anna Woods

“A day ride, five day pack trip and a long stay at the ranch have many unforgettable memories of real life here. Thanks Alex for sharing your experience and showing us the many spectacular sites. A very nice staff at the ranch completed the picture and make me want to come back.”

- Anna Woods, Sweden

Emily Rogers

“Never thought I would be able to do on a horse what you took me through, Alex. It was excellent. I had never been on a pack trip before. Thank you so much for the experience. Will never forget it, or you and Allen.”

- Emily Rogers, Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Ann Barker

“Excellent pack trip! I had no idea I was capable of doing this! Your horses and staff were wonderful. This experience is tops on my list!”

- Ann Barker, Elgin, Texas

Gretchen Kime

“I must say that it is an absolute honor to be a part of this special ranch. Alaska Horsemen is what we live and breathe. It is “us” and this is what makes us happy. We want nothing more than to share such a beautiful ranch and country with others. There is something so special and magical to view the many mountains, wildlife, and scenery on horseback. To simply relax at the ranch around the horses, the flowers, and campfire brings such a sense of peace to a person.

My heart is filled with gratitude for being a part of my father who is so dedicated to his horses, employees, and business. He works very hard to provide such serenity to our ranch, and loving what he does.

My fondest memories are those that have taken place on our horses, either on a day trip, pack trip, hunting trip and even a serene 2 hour horseback ride to just unwind from the stresses of everyday life.

Thank you Dad, for all that you are and share to others.”
- Gretchen Kime


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